The Illuminate Program:
Self-Discovery & Group Dynamics

This is our flagship program; a 4-session seminar focusing on building relationships and goal setting skills. Participants will build their Illuminate Profile that will provide the tools your team needs to reduce stress, overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Our method teaches you how common personality traits effect the group dynamic. We offer both virtual and on-site seminars.

The Illuminate Program includes:

  • Session 1 – Build your Illuminate Profile: results & recommendations.
  • Session 2 – “It’s a Jungle Out There”: exercises to learn about your strengths and shadow tendencies.
  • Session 3 – Create your Illuminate Road Map: discover the 9 steps for successful transition/implementation.
  • Session 4 – Put it all together: reflect on your individual journey, learn how you relate to others (and circumstances), and get ready to implement new alternatives for optimal results.
  • Sessions 5-8 – Follow through: practice and refine your implementation of the Illuminate techniques.
  • Optional personal Astro-Numerology reading.


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Other Group Services

  Workshop on Stress Reduction & Lifestyle Enhancement
  • The focus of these workshops is self-improvement. There will be less interaction within the group.

Workshop on Team Building

  • Interactive and helpful for both the group and the individual. A great way to develop interpersonal skills for groups who need to work together on a regular basis.

Illuminate Mastermind

  • A highly interactive group focusing on individual or team goals. Learn how to interact in an advanced way with other. Make quantum leaps with your objectives!