About Illuminate Mind + Body

The Mission: By illuminating our paths we find clarity, motivation and inspired action.

NOW is an important time. You have a vision and are ready to go for it. During this phase of liminal space—the space between one point and another—you are open and receptive. NOW is the time to gain insight and illuminate your path to motivation and inspired action.

Along with traditional life, business, and wellness coaching practices, Illuminate Mind + Body taps into other methodologies to help an individual or group stay healthy and focused on their goals. Astro-Numerology, Energy Medicine, Reiki, and other modalities can help to connect the dots.

Illuminate Mind + Body combines empowerment and navigation tools to provide inspiration and alignment so you can more easily manifest what you desire.


Jenny combines intuitive teaching with her extensive working knowledge … she connects with each individual she teaches on a level that is for their highest good.


Jenny has the gift of meeting students where they are at and elevating them in a way that appears almost effortless.


Gallagher cuts to the bone of what is essential in achieving realistic change.


Jenny has done the homework, she knows her stuff and can show you how to apply it to your life.


Jenny's integrity is beyond reproach. When you put your trust in Jenny - rest assure it remains safe, secure and loving.


Jenny combines years of study and practice with her innate desire to help others reach their highest potential.


Chopra Certified Instructor

This course as been an invaluable tool that has served me personally and professionally.

Jenny Lee Gallagher, founder of Illuminate Mind + Body and Conscious Self Discovery

Jenny Lee Gallagher, Founder

I have been a student and teacher of many spiritually based self-improvement modalities. I have written and published several books on the subject of yoga. I have taught numerous workshops on Numerology and Astrological Numerology. I have worked successfully as a life coach on an individual basis as well as facilitated Mastermind Group Manifestation classes.

My goal in founding Illuminate is to work people who want to shine a light on their own truth and walk their own path with confidence.

I invite you to review our page on Services & Pricing to set up a preliminary interview. We can discuss the various options and determine which services will facilitate you reaching your goal.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,